Pediatric Pain Management

Length: 3-4 mins

Discusses Pain scales, Pharmacological and Non-pharmacological pain management

Concussion Management

Length: 3-4 mins

Sports-related concussion management and prevention

Neurological Exam

Length: 7-8 mins

The rescue guide to the pediatric neuro exam in the trauma patient

Injury Prevention/Pediatric Abdominal Trauma

Length: 46 mins

Injury Prevention – Vaping, Distracted driving, Halloween Safety Tips
Pediatric Abdominal Trauma – Primary assessment, Seatbelt Signs, Management


Length: 40 mins

Drowning/Submersion Injuries – Definitions, Pathophysiology, Treatment, Outcomes

Pediatric Trauma

Length: 1 hr

Pediatric Trauma – Pediatric anatomy and physiology, primary survey and common procedures, closed head injuries, and clinical pearls