To all,

As you will recall, at last year’s meeting we had a roundtable discussion with Cliff Ko to discuss ongoing efforts towards creating a Surgical Collaborative for North Carolina.  There was considerable interest, and a plan to pilot the collaborative experience through creation of a NC Trauma Collaborative was discussed, the intent being to move forward with applying what was learned with this experience towards a larger Surgical Collaborative effort.

We were going to share these experiences and lessons with all interested people at our session scheduled for this coming Friday afternoon at 4:00 pm in Myrtle Beach at the NCACS meeting.  However, there is an open Q/A session with Skip Campbell from U Michigan that overlaps this time frame, and I think that we would all learn a great deal from this session.  Thus, we will cancel our NC Quality Collaborative meeting.

We will be in touch by email after the meeting to chart next steps for our efforts.

Thanks to all for your interest.


Michael C. Chang, MD FACS

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